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Often projects are of a size, complexity and/or regulatory status that results in the client-construction project manager relationship being insufficient to deal with the other non-construction specific aspects that arise. In these instances, TPM can provide Development Management services. Development Management services can be provided within a structure that offers the suitable delineation of responsibilities between the two to ensure that the project governance is beyond reproach.

Project Initiation

Successful projects are successful because the project has been initiated with the correct basic elements put in place:

  • Sound project concept

  • Development of a clear project brief

  • Assembly of a suitable project team

  • Maintenance of strategic project goals

  • Development and maintenance of risk management tools

Clear Project Brief

Term Project Management initiates a detailed project baseline development exercise.  TPM's experience in numerous markets with an assortment of capital projects has resulted in vast resources useful for developing briefs related to all phases of development.  This procedure effectively reduces risk by ensuring knowledge is available to form a solid foundation and move the project to the next phase.

Project Team

TPM advises on the assembly of a development team and then works closely with each team member, considering all appropriate influences, namely:

  • Market demand

  • Construction cost

  • Stakeholder perceived benefits

  • Operational efficiency

  • Governmental jurisdiction

Project Planning and Execution

Once the project brief has been developed and agreed on, TPM implements systems and checks to ensure adherence to the brief.  During all phases, TPM maintains constant communication with each project team member in order to keep everyone updated on the progression and direction of the project against the brief. In the event that the project specifics require the services of a Project Manager to supplement the roles and responsibilities of the Development Manager, a number of the italicised roles below could be delegated to the Project Manager. 

TPM team effectively manages the following aspects for the project team:

  • Value management

  • Risk management

  • Work priority lists

  • Project budget development and cost control systems

  • Vendor/contractor/consultant selection analysis

  • Dispute resolution

  • Contract/purchase order control systems

  • Design/construction responsibility matrices

  • Loan draw and payment procedures

  • Monthly status reports

Project Completion and Close Out

One of the most commonly perceived, and often real, failure areas of construction projects is the inability of the development team to interface with the operational team for the transition from design and construction into operations.

In the role of Development Manager, Term Project Management will ensure that all the operational structures for the project are in place sufficiently early to ensure a smooth hand-over of the project, including the responsibilities related to the completed project.

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