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We provide the following services across the life cycle of a project to ensure the successful accomplishment of all goals:


  • Term Project Management staff attend client initiation meetings with other consultants to stay abreast of tenant-related issues

  • We liaise with the design/project architect to establish both design and aesthetic parameters for the storefronts to be installed, together with general architectural principles for interior finishes

  • We draft a Tenant Criteria Document based on the client brief and distribute it for comment by all parties

  • We collate comments from the client and all consultants and produce a Tenant Criteria Document for inclusion in leasing proposals

  • We develop a communication system between tenants and consultants once the Offer to Lease is in place

  • We liaise with the client's project manager to ensure agreement of cut off dates for the information provided to tenants “for construction”, based on the project program created by the project manager

  • We set up tracking schedules for the monitoring of tenant co-ordination process

During Construction

  • Term Project Management convenes and chairs meetings between tenants, leasing agents (when required) and the design team

  • We monitor/update tracking schedules on the status of tenants after receipt of the finalised “offer to Lease”

  • We monitor the “Base Building” drawing issued to the tenant by the architect

  • We arrange the timely arrival of the tenants' drawings/specifications for review, and provide the costing and co-ordination of tenant instructions by a professional project team

  • We confirm that the design team has the correct tenant requirement information.

  • We monitor the “Signage Opportunity” drawing issued to tenants by the architect.

  • We convene and chair tenant briefing meetings

  • We convene and chair tenant co-ordination meetings

  • We take receipt of, and distribute, Tenant Design Concept proposals

  • We co-ordinate the response to the Tenant Design Concept and advise tenants of comments

  • We co-ordinate the efforts of design consultants with tenant consultants

  • We advise tenants on council drawing submission procedures

  • We ensure the client's quantity surveyor is aware of any tenant costing required.

  • We track the progress/status of tenant costing

  • We advise the client of invoices required for payment by the tenant in the event of any tenant extras. Collection of payment is conducted by the client

  • We agree to a schedule of information and a program with tenants

  • We co-ordinate the main contractor's works with tenant installation works

  • We advise tenants of the beneficial occupation date

  • We convene and record beneficial occupation handovers

  • We take responsibility for the full delivery of tenant space ready for trading

  • We facilitate on-site co-ordination between tenant contractors and the main contractor

  • We facilitate the tenant/contractor interface on attendance to defects

Post Construction

  • Term Project Management monitors the tenant installation progress against the centre opening date

  • We monitor/update tracking schedules for the status of tenants after receipt of the finalised “offer to Lease”

  • We hand tenant files over to Centre Management

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